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An Exquisite Riverside Escape at Pont De Val | a TeMphoLifestyle

As getaways continue to evolve in their meaning and importance for the balance of our well-being, and with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to reshape how we travel and tour, investment in tourism and hospitality is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, the tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit, but on the other, it provides a unique vantage point to be at the forefront of how the world moves forward.

On this backdrop, we were very excited to have secured a gorgeous studio apartment at the Pont De Val Wine Riverside Escape and wine estate, which we will offer as a short-term vacation rental.  With the economy beginning to open up again, and travel becoming less restricted, we saw the opportunity in being part of the revival of tourism in Gauteng.  

Pont De Val, an exciting and growing development just over one hour from Johannesburg, presents a truly unique offering of a glorious escape, without having to deal with the travel admin of a flight to one of the more typical getaway destinations of Durban or Cape Town.  Pont De Val boasts a 5-star boutique hotel and spa, and Cote De Val offers residential and self-catering housing and apartments within the estate.

We decided to spend Easter at the estate, taking ownership of the unit by official handover, and also immersing ourselves in the Pont De Val experience to better understand the complete offering and experience, so we could effectively market it

Upon arrival at the estate, even as you approach the main gate, you are immediately transported into a Provence-esque other world, with architecture and landscaping inspired by the south of France.  

Red-brick paved roadways and ivy hanging from the walls give the entire place a unique countryside village feel.  We knew we were in for a memorable stay.  We were quickly handed our keys, and after a brief orientation from the friendly estate staff, we headed off to our unit.

This unit itself is simply stunning.  Following on with the Provence countryside theme, the interior décor and finishes are immaculate.  Rustic painted walls and modern finishes in the kitchenette bring together a beautiful fusion of classic and contemporary without creating any clashes or confusion.  

The blend is perfect.  

We settled down on the balcony, and took in the view of the vineyards and river flowing by, as we opened a celebratory bottle of bubbly and watched the first of many unforgettable sunsets.

The unit is an absolute gem in the idyllic Pont de Val estate. With an exquisite view overlooking the vineyard and the Vaal River, this unit is the perfect choice for an unforgettable riverside escape. Pont De Val offers a host of attractions and activities.  Whilst being perfectly suited for a romantic getaway for a couple, there is enough on offer to keep the whole family busy on a family day out or family getaway.  

The Pont De Val Restaurant, is a first-class French-style bistro, where you are assured of the ultimate fine-dining experience.  For those seeking some relaxation and pampering, the Belle Foi Spa offers a wide array of treatments and packages to leave you feeling transformed and with a deep sense of inner peace.  In addition, boat cruises, a picnic park and wine tasting of the estate wines are some of the activities to look forward to when you visit our wonderful unit. 

The Pont de Val estate lies on the South bank of the Vaal River. Our studio apartment is part of the residences on the west side at Cote De Val, and there is a promenade that crosses under the bridge that leads to the Pont de Vaal Village on the east side. The Village is a charming experience on its own, complete with a picnic park, coffee and cocktail bars, a spa, and the renowned Pont De Val Winery.

Pont De Val lies within a secure gated estate, and there is a dedicated parking space for each of the units in the residential section. There is no convenient public transport option nearby, so you will have to drive to the estate. We can also arrange shuttle transport should you require it.

As TeMphoLifestyle, we highly recommend putting a riverside escape to Pont De Val high on your “sho’t left” list, and enjoy this truly unique experience.  

We have also curated some of our own packages offering some of these experiences as a bundle, along with a stay in our unit.  Please get in touch to make enquiries or bookings.

Source: TeMphoLifestyle